Module 7: Conversion Hacks

Discover how to boost the conversion rates for your landing pages and sales pages.

Make Your Copy Easier To Read

To boost your conversion rate, it's essential to make your copy easier to read. Long paragraphs and a series of text without any gaps will make it difficult for people to read your copy. Even if you tell the best stories and use the best examples, people won't read your copy unless it's easy to read and skim.

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Look At What Works

You aren't just a CMP student, but you are also a content marketing student. When you see landing pages and sales pages that work very well, take note of them and take screenshots. Look through the copy and see what elements are in play to create a desirable conversion rate.

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A/B Split Testing

You can make small changes on your landing pages and sales pages to boost their conversion rates. The best way to determine those small changes is by conducting A/B Split Tests. When conducting these tests, it's important to only change one variable at a time so you can see the full impact of that variable.

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Put The CTA In More Places

Placing your call-to-action in more places will boost your conversion rate. Some people ignore it the first time, see it the second time, and finally take action the third time they see the call-to-action. This is similar to how you have to follow-up to achieve success.

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Use Deadlines And Bonuses To Boost Sales

Deadlines and bonuses can have a dramatic effect on the amount of sales you generate for any offer you promote. In this presentation, you'll learn how to leverage them to your advantage.

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